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What is the number one complaint that consumers have with original (branded) printer ink cartridges? That the cartridges run out of ink very quickly. And that too after they’ve shelled out quite a bit of money for an OEM cartridge.

The rising prices of printer ink cartridges are clear to anyone who owns and uses a printer. But it is a lesser known fact that the amount of ink in the average cartridge has reduced dramatically. In fact, newer cartridges contain only a fraction of the ink contained in a similar product a decade ago.

For instance, a 2002 Epson T032 colour cartridge is the same size as the 2008 T039. But, while the T032 contains 16ml of ink, the T039 contains 3.9ml. Ten years ago, popular HP cartridges  contained 42ml of ink and had a sticker price of around £20. Today, the company’s standard printer cartridges sell for about £13 but contain just 5ml of ink.

What’s the new strategy being adopted by printer manufacturers? If you dissect an OEM ink cartridge, you’ll see that either the ink cartridge tank has shrunk systematically or the size of sponges holding the ink have reduced over the years. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out what’s happening: major printer manufacturers are pushing customers to increase their frequency of purchases while simultaneously advertising against alternatives to their pricey cartridges.

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Ink Taxi was established to counter the rising costs and falling value propositions of original ink and toner cartridges. We have priced our cartridges extremely affordably to make them accessible to shoppers with the smallest budgets.

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Our products are either USA or German made. Besides being manufactured accurately to OEM specifications, the cartridges are also tested rigorously for printing quality, number of prints per cartridge and durability of parts. Great outputs are guaranteed for all your personal and business printing requirements. We encourage you to view customer reviews of our products to understand the response to the compatible cartridges on our site.

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You’ll find a suitable compatible ink cartridge for your branded printer on our site. We keep updating our catalog and adding new stock (they keep flying off the shelves!), so you’ll never feel inconvenienced.

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