Madalynn-f 11/10/2014

ink cartridges is average quality. But no doubt value for money

Karson-w 10/10/2014

I was looking for cartridges that would mean that my children can use the printer as often as they wanted. By buying these it means that they can print what they want without me worrying about how much it is costing me in cartridges.

Franklin-e 10/10/2014

A must buy deal, good quality cartridges and shipped the same day i ordered

Dillan-b 08/10/2014

ink quality is good price is the best.

Lydia-t 07/03/2013

They lasted so much longer than the ones I used to use and the photos were excellent with the colours coming out as I would expect. I will definitely be buying my cartridges from from now on